Konservatorium Prag, Universität Ostrava


Jan Ostry - Dozent der Europäischen Flötenakademie Fiss - E.F.Fiss  | © Jan Ostry

Jan Ostrý was born in 1972 in Prague (Czech Republic) where he began to play the flute and also studied at the Conservatoire (F. Malotin). From 1992, he studied at the Versailles Region National Conservatoire (Ch. Rayneau and J. Royer), as beneficiary of grants from the Czech Musical Fund and the A. Dvorák Foundation and in the following years, thanks to his good results, as beneficiary of a French government scholarship.

In 1995 he was unanimously awarded the First Prize (Gold Medal) of this Conservatoire. From 1996 - 1999 he was grant-sponsored by the French government to study at the Higher National Conservatoire of Lyon in a class led by Ph. Bernold and R. Thullier and he was also unanimously awarded the First Prize of this Conservatoire.

In the course of his studies he gained prizes at various interpretation competitions (Concertino Praga, the F.X. Dusek competition in Prague, the Czech Conservatoires competition...).

In 1991, he was invited by the European Academy of Music to take part in its master-classes in Bonn (K. Zoeller), in 1996 in the French-Czech Academy of Music in Telè (C. Novakova) and in the master-classes of the CNSM in Lyon (J. Zoon, B. Kuijken, A. Marion, K. Hunteler).

He has performed as a soloist or as a member of chamber ensembles in Linz, Lyon, Bonn, Paris, Stuttgart, Prague (recitals on the Czech Radio, Dvorák Hall, Martinù Hall....) and at various festivals (Concertino Praga, Days of Chamber Music in Lyon, Young Prague, Mozartiana Iuventus Prague, (world premiere of a composition by S. Bodorová, complete interpretation of W.A. Mozart flute quartets), Concentus Moraviae (with the Prague Philharmonia and the conductor J. Bìlohlávek). Since 1998 he has been placed on a premium list of the Czech Music Fund.

On a regular basis He co-operates with Yehudi Menuhin's foundation "Live Music Now" and with the Bach Collegium Prague Orchestra, which concentrates on music of the 18th Century.

During the 1999/2000 season, Jan Ostrý was solo flautist of the National Orchestra of Lyon (Musical Director: Emmanuel Krivine) and he is permanently engaged as solo flautist at the Orchestre des Pays de Savoie.For the 2001/2002 season, Jan Ostrý was the solo flautist of Den Norske Opera, Oslo. He has been directing flute classes at the Pilsen Conservatory since 2003 and at the Prague Conservatory since 2005.